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Loan – Check its impact on CIBIL Score

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A Loan is another name of consumerism. An easy finance or loan is both good and bad for the economy. Recently, you must have read news articles on the Gross NPA’s of the banks. Though no one is willing to state the obvious, that it is a direct fall out …

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8 Key Terms to Consider When Reviewing a Loan Agreement

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A Loan Agreement (also known as a Facility Agreement) can be a complex document. In order to help you review and understand such a document, we’ve put together a checklist of the most important points to consider. The list is by no means exclusive, but is a good starting point for any …

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Why was My Home Loan Application Declined?

All of us would have a doubt in mind of the approval probability when applying for a home loan. At times even if you have good income, there are chances of getting home loan rejected. The reason for this is banks judge you based on the ability to repay loan. …

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